Project Description


Site: Castelldefels, Barcelona
Use: Educational


The new school of agriculture, located in the Mediterranean Technology Park, in Castelldefels, is made up of different built volumes: the department building, the assembly hall and the main building for classrooms, teaching and research laboratories. These main blocks are connected to three ground-floor bodies that connect the research laboratories and the offices of the departments and in turn allow the organization of the complex through various patios that qualify the spaces they serve with different intensity.

The morphology of the building is marked by the use of concrete, metallic sheet metal and yellow bries soleils that stand out and serve to characterize the buildings in an environment marked by grey.
The set has been designed to minimize electrical energy consumption, water consumption and CO2 emissions. This reduction is achieved through different actions. The south orientation of the two main blocks and their opening to this façade allow maximum use of the hours of solar radiation and reduce heating needs. Most of the inhabited spaces (classrooms and offices) are located to the south while the services and stairs occupy the northern strip. Patios with deciduous vegetation allow protection from solar radiation in summer and its entry in winter. Finally, the skylights allow natural light to enter the interior areas, and also collaborate in reducing consumption.


Project Name: Higher School of Agriculture of the UPC, Barcelona
Site: Carrer d’Esteve Terradas, 8, Castelldefels, Barcelona
Use: Educational
Project date: 2001
Construction start date: 2002
Construction end date: 1004
Property:  Universitat de Catalunya / Consorci Escola Industrial de Barcelona
Land area: 5.557 m²
Floor area:  11.306,27 m²

Authors: Manuel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors i Albert Pineda
Contributors: Silvia Salueña, Xavier Llambrich, Patricio Martínez
Surveyors:  Josep Molero, Imma Casado
Facilities:  Miquel Portell
Structure: Ingenieria Y Arquitectura Europeas
Photographer: Eduardo Armentia, Carolina García