Site: Sants, Barcelona
Use: Educational, Sports


The new facility in the Sants-Badal district of Barcelona incorporates three uses, the “Els Gats” Nursery School and the attached Family Space, and the “La Sagi” Sports Hall.
It is inserted into a very dense urban plot, occupying the entirety of the buildable space of the lot, but diluting the original regulatory volume with operations of emptying (porches), additions (overhanging bodies), or truncation of the volume (flat inclined to the south, the roof). These operations solve the resulting volume with a simple composition that encompasses in a unitary but personalized way a very diverse program.

The voids widen the street, the passage and the back yard that delimit it, becoming the specialized access spaces for the different uses, giving air to the density of the ground floor and providing a good relationship between the public space and the building.
The cantilevered body of the facade on Calle Roger solves the vertical communications between the first and second floors and the generation of space for the public of the Pavilion, while the cantilevered body of the facade of the island patio is formalized as a large porch by the Escola Bressol and contains the complementary spaces for the Sports Track.
The inclined roof leaves the facade on the street with the height of the neighboring buildings, while it decreases that of the island patio, achieving a more friendly proportion of this space and at the same time a good sun-catching surface in order to produce photovoltaic energy.
Functionally, in the layout of the building’s three facilities, priority has been given to sunlight and contact with the terrain of the Cradle and the Family Space, placing them on the S.E. facade. of the interior of the island which is at the same time the quietest and most protected and where you can enjoy a small playground that is expanded with the porch on the first floor.
The sports track, which occupies 100% of the plot, is located at the top of the building, while the rest of the pavilion program partially occupies the first floor, resolving the half that faces Roger Street.
The structure is an important part of the definition of the image of the building and is therefore visible. It combines two clearly differentiated typologies, in response to the different functional requirements of each of the building’s sectors. Reinforced concrete executed in situ in the lower body of PB+P1, with flat forgings and medium lights, and metal in the upper body dedicated to the sports court.
The rest of the components of the facade that are not structural are solved with glass or polycarbonate if they are transparent or translucent, with aluminum sheet if they are opaque (including the roof) and with wooden gratings at the level of the public space.
The interiors have been defined with more welcoming and friendly finishes in the educational spaces, and harder and more functional in the sports spaces.

Project Name: Nursery school and family space “Els Gats” + sports pavilion (pav 2) “La Sagi”
Site: C/ Roger, 48-64, 08028 Barcelona
Use: Educational, Sports
Property: Ajuntament de Barcelona

 Authors: Manuel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors
Contributors: Jaume Piñol Font, Mitra G. Modarressi, David Casadevall, Mateusz Obolonzcyk, Adrià de Luna
Surveyors: Enne gestión Activa de proyectos
Facilities: Portell-Brunés Enginyers SL
Structure: Manuel Arguijo y Asociados S.L.
Direction of execution:  Integral Archiconsult
Acoustic: Arau Acústica
Management: BIMSA Barcelona d’Infraestructures Municipals
Structure Builder UTE:
Constructo-ra San José, SA
Tarraco Empresa Constructora, SLU
Facilities Builder UTE:
ACSA obras e infraestructuras, SAU
Elecnor SA
Photographer: Adrià Goula