Site: Viladecans, Barcelona
Use: Sports


The Torre Roja Sports Complex project includes the reform and expansion of the existing indoor swimming pool and the adjacent area with the construction of a new sports complex.

The situation of this new facility allows a privileged relationship to be established with the immediate surroundings of the Torre Roja Park, thus creating a new focus of attraction for the public, which in turn is integrated into the future growth forecasts of the city. The building tries to open to the environment, turning the traditional sports complex closed in itself into a permeable and integrated building within the Park.
The new complex includes the extension of the current swimming pool, a new open water surface (with a solarium and a retractable cover that allows its use during summer and winter), a new sports hall connected to the covered swimming pool, the reform of the soccer field (with the construction of a new grandstand and additional spaces) and two underground parking floors with 148 spaces.
The abundance of natural light (which mainly enters through skylights), the thermal control with the provision of intermediate spaces, and the control of solar radiation through brie-soleils, are some of the energy strategies used to generate a suitable environment.

Interior front view of Torre roja Sports Complex pool wooden structure and facade

Torre roja Sports Complex site plan
sports complex in torre roja architectural drawing transversal section through sports court
Torre roja Sports Complex Transversal section through the pool

Project Name: Sports Complex In Torre Roja
Site: Carrer de Pompeu Fabra 5, Viladecans, Barcelona
Use: Sports
Energy efficiency certificate: A
Construction start date: 09.2012
Construction end date: 02.2015
Property: Ajuntament de Viladecans
Land area: 10.545 m²
Floor area: 14.684 m²

Authors: Manel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors
Contributors: Jaume Piñol, Mitra G. Modarressi, Lali Daví, Volker Zimmermann, Álvaro Valcarce, Nil Brullet
Surveyors: José Luís Montero (vigip), Inma Casado (ENNE Gestión)
Facilities: Portell-Brunés Enginyers S.L.
Structure: Manuel Arguijo y Asociados S.L.
Builder: URBASER, S.A.
Photographer: Juny Brullet
Awards: Mention, Pool and Wellness Barcelona Awards 2015
01- (link)
02- Archello, 2015 (link)