Site: Barcelona
Use: Healthcare


The project for the Quirón polyclinic, located in Alfons Comín Square, provides a volumetric response to a site with a very irregular topography. The main characteristic is the big slope on the north-south axis of the terrain, with a maximum gradient of sixteen meters. The project also had to provide solutions regarding a very particular urban setting, as is the large circulatory node of the square. It also had to meet the needs of a hospital program, specific and complex by definition

The main architectural challenge of the building was the planning of an excessive program (46,620 m2) due to the size of the site. The construction consists of sixteen floors, seven of which are underground. In this sense, it features an English-style courtyard, situated in the northern part of the building, which provides natural light as far as the last car park floor. In fact, the search for natural light and ventilation was an obsession of this very compact and buried project.

The L-shaped volumetry of the upper floors, open to the space of the street, obeys the plan of adopting the structure of a square characterized by the addition of distinct perimeter spaces to its large central space. The volumetry adopted also seeks to relate the building with the different public spaces that it generates itself. Thus, the exterior form of the hospital is characterized by large volumes of very light edification that produce these spaces and condition their topographic relations.

The entire façade is characterized by an aluminum covering that helps the building achieve better climatic performance. This covering is made up of special pieces manufactured exclusively for the work

Quirón Hospital view from the street metallic façade

Section sketch of Quirón Hospital by Manuel Brullet Tenas
Quirón Hospital site plan
Quirón Hospital basement floor plan
Quirón Hospital ground floor plan
Quirón Hospital first floor plan
Quirón Hospital third floor plan by brullet de luna architecture firm
Quirón Hospital transversal section
Quirón Hospital longitudinal section
Quirón Hospital model side light up
Quirón Hospital model side general view light up
Quirón Hospital model close up front at eye level

Project Name: Quirón Hospital
Site: Plaça d’Alfonso Comín, 5, 7, 08023 Barcelona
Use: Healthcare
Project date: 05.2003
Construction start date: 02.2005
Construction end date: 2007
Property: Grup Hospitalari Quirón
Land area: 6.937 m²
Floor area: 57.775 m²

Authors:Manel Brullet, Alfonso de Luna / Albert Pineda, Xavier Llambrich (Pinearq)
Contributors:Jaume Piñol, Marcial Novo, Albert Vitaller, Patricio Martínez, Silvia Salueña, Pau Calleja
Surveyors: Inma Casado, Josep Molero
Facilities: JG Ingenieros S.A., Joan Vinyals
Structure: Manuel Arguijo y Asociados S.L.
Builder: Dragados
Photographer:Fernando Guerra, Juny Brullet
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