Site: Barcelona
Use: Educational


The project of a new school building within the Can Fabra group of buildings must breathe and assimilate the atmosphere of the Fabra i Coats factory premises. You cannot understand the new building unless it is through the reinterpretation of the entire complex.

We understand that the new school building must link, relate and merge with the existing buildings that have a very defined personality.
This is given by the rationality of its construction of load-bearing brick walls and its architectural composition, full of containment, demand, order and geometric relationship between voids and full.

The “Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan in the area of land located in the old Fabra i Coats factory” proposes the conservation and cataloging of all existing buildings within the enclosure. The new school building within the campus must also participate in this desire to preserve the entire architectural and industrial atmosphere of the same.

The new building arises from the demands of the current construction, modernity will come from the rationality of the application of the materials and the idea of how the school building works.

We use exposed brick and reinforced concrete for the structures as the most important material, since currently due to the new regulations it is impossible to consider a building with more than one or two floors with a brick bearing structure.

We adopt the solid brick laid with a large lime mortar joint, with the same color as the brick of the existing buildings, as it would be implemented in the new building.

The composition and rationality of the openings and fullness of the old existing factory buildings have in the new building the counterpoint of the rationality and geometric order of the reinforced concrete structure.

The facade of Calle Segre with very narrow vertical openings are a good protection from the east and the large vertical metal lattices on the west facade protect us from this orientation and personalize us, with an austere language.

Project Name: CEIP Can Fabra
Site: Carrer de Sant Adrià 20, Barcelona
Use: Educational
Energy efficiency certificate: A
Project date: 2011 – 2014
Construction start date: 2014
Construction end date: 2017
BIMSA- Barcelona Infrastructures Municipals, S.A.
Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya SAU
Consorci d’educació de Barcelona
Land area: 4.100 m²
Floor area: 4.050 m²

Authors: Manel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors
Contributors: Mitra G. Modarressi, Nil Brullet, Montserrat Serrano, David Casadevall
Surveyors: ENNE Gestión activa de proyectos, Xairó i associats
Facilities: Portell-Brunés Enginyers, S.L.
Structure: Manuel Arguijo y Asociados, S.L.
Builder: Romero Polo
Photographer: Adrià Goula, Juny Brullet