Project Description


Site: Arenys de Mar, Barcelona
Use: Educational


If architecture, in short, is voluntary geography, we find, in this project, that the specific weight of the geographical framework of our site (part of a Maresme stream) must mark and positively influence our proposal.

Our construction proposal is to place the building parallel to the stream in the northern part of the lot, removed between 3 and 5 meters from its outline. We build a wall in the path of the stream and plant leafy trees between this wall and our building, pursuing the current image of the walled stream.

Our building occupies a part of the cultivated plain, and is of ground floor and floor, that is to say, not very high, so that the whole slope of the mountain of the conveniently colonized, replanted and sanitized stream continues to define and enhance the atmosphere of this landscape

The neighboring park area connects with the school garden. The existing aedicule or “folie” for school activities is preserved, together with the magnificent bananas that accompany it, the small sheaves for school crops located on the western side of the aedicule and the riparian forest on the lap of the mountain

From the access square we enter the kindergarten, arranged in the form of a comb with two groups of three classrooms facing south and with an outside courtyard for each classroom. The classroom has a complex interior structure consisting of a large space accompanied by different “corners” of activities. Health services are part of the educational space for children. In the western part of the kindergarten we have the general playground for the children.

The architectural-pedagogical proposal of the primary school goes through a compact school organization with a nuanced central plant typology. In the middle and upper grades, we arrange the classrooms around a common space lit by a large skylight. In this common space, treated domestically, pedagogical activities will be carried out to extend the classroom or cycle activities or large groups.

This central space of the school also serves to illuminate and connect visually, through skylights, with the lower floor.

On the lower floor are the classrooms of the initial cycle oriented to the south with an outside courtyard for each one and the plastic, IT, music and support classroom spaces lit through an English courtyard. The common space on this floor, smaller in area than the one on the upper floor, is illuminated by the skylights on the upper floor.

At the entrance to the school we have all the administration and also the library, on the lower floor below these dependencies there is the dining room and the kitchen.


Project Name: Sinera School
Site: Rial de Pau Costa, 73, 08350 Arenys de Mar, Barcelona
Use: Educational
Construction end date: 2011
Property: GISA- Departament d’Ensanyament, Generalitat de Catalunya

Authors: Manuel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors
Surveyors: Josep Camps, Jaume Martí
Facilities: Portell-Brunés Enginyers, S.L.
Structure: Manuel Arguijo y Asociados S.L.
Builder: PAI Construccions, S.A. + TIFERCA S.A.
Photographer: Juny Brullet