Project Description


Site: Sant Andreu, Barcelona
Use: Healthcare


The building is established on the site attending to the volumetry agreed in the plan that defines a maximum occupation of 80% of the site. The project comes from the stratification of the volume proposed by the modification of the plan. This vertical stratification, by means of parallel and shifted parallelepipedons, produces two empty spaces arranged in a north-south direction.

These empty spaces are two large ventilation courtyards that open out to the lateral faces of the existing landscapes between the different installations. These two courtyards provide light, sunshine and views of the rooms that make up the interior of the building.

From the compositional point of view of the whole complex of the old barracks of Sant Andreu, this structure of installations, stratified longitudinally in a north-south direction, defines for us a set of organisational directrices opposed to the east-west directrix of the blocks of housing of the whole complex. This opposition-relation of the two directrices will be the formal base of the plan. The volumes of the homes and of the installations therefore have crossed directrices.

Due to the great density of the edification, we propose emptying the ground floor with some areas with porches in order to take away the sense of mass from the whole, enlarging the lateral passages and qualifying the access areas to the building. Of the remaining volume of four floors allowed by regulation, the top floor has not been built in the section parallel to the courtyards in order to ensure that they are not so high and therefore let in more light.

The project is scrupulously adapted to the plans of the functional programme stipulated in the tender rules. The measurements also correspond to the plans of the functional programme with the corresponding adjustments to the actual geometry of the solution adopted. The maximum use of the surface is achieved with the grouping together of the spaces that the plan envisages. The central nucleus houses the three stairways (one for each programme: General Health Centre (CAP), Mental Health Centre and Nursing Home). The programme is undertaken in the basement floor, the ground floor and four upper floors. Users’ access is via the ground floor and the central part of the building.


Project Name: Sociosanitary Center, San Andreu
Site: Carrer de Fernando Pessoa, 47, 08030 Barcelona
Use: Healthcare
Project date: 03.2007
Construction start date: 05.2010
Construction end date: 06.2012
Property: Institut Català de la Salut (ICS)
Land area: 3.700 m²
Floor area:18.700 m²

Authors: Manuel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors
Contributors: Jaume Piñol
Surveyors: Inma Casado, ENNE S.L.
Facilities: Portell-Brunés Enginyers, S.L.P.
Structure: Manuel Arguijo y Asociados S.L.
Builder:  SACYR, S.A.