Project Description


Site: El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona
Use: Residential

The site of the project, in trapezoidal shape, is located in the Ribera Baixa sector, an area with a very unstructured urban organisation.

The idea behind the project is based on the acceptance of the isolation of the block. The idea is to give it an autonomous image as regards the other buildings, considering that the large volume of the new building would enable it to play a structural role in the organisation of the new urban area. Due to the abovementioned isolation of the block, the plan includes a pedestrian entrance from a large interior courtyard, boosting it as an alternative to the streets with a single constructed façade. This large courtyard is seen as a social, leisure and resting area.

This new topography of the large courtyard is achieved from two slightly sloping planes, enabling the maximum visual control of the space. The surface is urbanised with trees and paved in order to avoid fast deterioration and large maintenance costs.

The arrangement of the building seeks the maximum sunlight in both the interior public space and the surrounding streets. This is achieved by lowering the south-facing constructive height, whereas in the north, the top floor is withdrawn from the façade and the shade produced by the building is reduced. Access to the housing units is via fifteen scaled nuclei that take on a different nature according to their position in the courtyard. The housing units are of 70 m2 and 90 m2. The concept behind them is the adaptability of the housing units for different uses. This explains the load-bearing structure on the façade and the fixed installation centre, thus providing the variation of walls according to the needs of the occupants. Finally, there is a commitment to the use of projections and of the air current that is produced between the sliding blinds on the balcony and the façade with the aim of minimising the heat in summer.


Project Name: Ribera Baixa Housing
Site: El Prat del Llobregat – Barcelona
Use: Residential
Project date: 1997
Construction end date: 2001
Land area: 6.490 m²
Floor area: 19.696 m²

Authors: Manuel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors, Josep Mª Sanmartín, Fidela Frutós
Surveyors: Joan Bosch
Structure: Manuel Arguijo y Asociados S.L.
Builder: OHL
Photographer: Lluís Casals