Project Description


Site: Mataró, Barcelona
Use: Offices


Following the existing urban layout, this project involves the construction of a building of three floors, on a site very close to the remains of the 16th-century city walls of the city of Mataró.The project has been formed from the response to the complexities of the site characterised by presence of the wall, a violent topography and the position of the building as a closure of the Can Xammar Square.

Our volumetric proposal was fundamentally based on two premises. The first was that of making possible the maximum vision of the remains of the city wall from Can Xammar square. With this objective in mind, we endeavoured not to build on the ground floor all the surface of the site, and at the same time propose two large projections–on the sea and mountain part- which facilitate the views of the city wall.

The second premise was that of following the structure of the site layout of the old quarter of Mataró, turning the site of an irregular ground plan into a rectangular one. The small size of the site converted into an isolated piece within the urban structure, the need for the volume proposed to structure the Plaçade Can Xammar, the design of a bearing structure capable of supporting the large projections and the desire for the building to take on an abstract image to separate it from the figurative image of the city wall, have led to the formal and constructive definition of the new building.


Project Name: Offices in Can Xammar
Site: Baixada de les Espenyes, 8, 08301 Mataró, Barcelona
Use: Offices
Project date: October 2004
Construction end date:  January 2008
Land area: 326,81 m²
Floor area: 896.78 m²

Authors: Manuel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors
Surveyors: Pere Roig Casanovas
Facilities: Xavier Brullet i associats
Structure: Carrete Gelpi Arquitectes