Project Description


Site: Bremen, Germany
Use: Research


The ECOMAT research and technology center is being built in the airport region of Bremen to unite the skills of the Bremen industry aviation and science, in the field of materials technologies and light construction.

The new research center appears within the plot as an urban block, austere and clearly structured.

It consists of three linear volumes of five floors and two landscaped volumes of two floors. These volumes are folded, lengthened or shortened in order to respond to the formation of the access square or resolve the boundaries with the highway.

The program is solved vertically with a plinth of three floors, two of laboratories ‘research’ and a ‘mezzanine’ of facilities embracing the “Halle” (industrial buildings), and two floors on the upper floors intended for offices. Airbus, Testia, Fiber and German Aerospace Center are the users.

This plinth of the building that is compacted includes two inner courtyards, which provide optimal conditions of light and ventilation inside the building.

The structure is made of reinforced concrete, with walls that solve the facades, pillars intermediates, slabs and stair cores. The construction of the roof of the “Halle” is solved with metal trusses and light roof.

The thermal insulation on the outside solving the surfaces of the facades with the repetition of vertical sheets of aluminum of different sizes, which give the building a certain degree of abstraction which reinforce the character of lightness that accompanies the research of materials and technology for “light construction”

Site plan of EcoMat located in Bremen near the airport
ground floor floor plan EcoMat building
second floor floor plan EcoMat building
longitudinal section of EcoMat designed by brulletdeluna

Project Name: EcoMat Center for Eco Efficient Materials and Technologies
Site: Bremen, Germany
Use: Research
Project date: 04-2013
Construction start date: 01-2017
Construction end date: 07-2017
H.A.G.E. Grundstücksverwaltungsgesellschaft GmbH
WFB – Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH
Land area: 16.300 m²
Floor area: 22.800 m²

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Authors: Manel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors
Albert de Pineda i Àlvarez (Pinearq S.L.)
Joachim Staudt, Chrisitian Huber (huber staudt arch. bda)
Project Leader: Ilka Becker (HSa), Clarissa Rosenow (BdL i Pinearq)
Contributors: Marian Almansa, José Carlos Castro Barros, Greta Dalma Medgyesi, María Fernández Albar, Raúl García, Mitra G. Modarressi, Tudor Gliga, Zsolt Gondos, Matthias Hoof, Sohta Mori, Jaume Piñol, Nikola Samardzija, Álvaro Valcarce
Facilities: Ingenieurbüro Poggensee GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Bannert mbH pbr Planungsbüro Rohling
Structure: WTM Engineers GmbH, Hamburg, Manuel Arguijo (Fase Concurs)
Builder: Construction supervision: Campe Janda Architekten BDA, Bremen
Photographer: Werner Huthmacher