Project Description


Site: Mataró, Barcelona
Use: Educational

An outline in Ronda del Cros determines the implantation of the two schools, a series of linear pavilions are constructed perpendicular to this outline and generate a diversity of in-between exterior spaces. The conviction that public facility buildings must act as structural elements of the built environment is a basic starting point of this project. The sub-urban situation of the plot and the personal vision of the city lead to the plan of a constructive model of urbanized and colonized estate in the image of the extensive territorial urban implantations of the late-19th century.

The choice of this type of edification in the form of “tapestry” makes it possible to seek a flexible and homely school building. Flexible, because the mesh circulations, due to their neutrality, make many types of pedagogic functioning possible; and homely, because of the size and specific nature of the different interior-exterior spaces.

The tapestry building in the form of a comb, of a single floor, adheres to the exterior road in an opaque way and opens in an orderly way towards the interior of the site with small semi-subterranean sections. The shared spaces are at the end of the building and, perpendicular to these spaces, emerge the homes of the concierges and the classroom pavilions, along with the exterior spaces: passageways, classrooms-garden, squares, allotments, and playgrounds.

Both the load-bearing structure of the ceramic walls and the resulting spaces are due to a rigorous reflection about the constructive process, as well as regarding the materials used and their finishes.

Del Cros School individual courtyards for each classroom in the tree shade
Del Cros School entrance with the brick ceramic façade by brulletdeluna
Les Aigues School individual courtyards for each classroom
vDel Cros School detail of the porthole window and brick facade
Del Cros School interior of a classroom designed by Manuel Brullet Tenas

Del Cros School Site Plan first phase
Del Cros school and les Aigues School Site Plan second phase
Del Cros School and Les Aigues School floor plan ground floor and basement floor
Del Cros School and Les Aigues School front elevation
Del Cros School and Les Aigues School longitudinal section
Del Cros School and Les Aigues School longitudinal section by brullet de luna architecture studio
Del Cros School constructive detail section
Del Cros School and Les Aigues School axonometric view of stairs, facade and portholes
Les Aigues School facade detail axonometric views

Project Name: Cros School and De Les Aigües School
Site:Ronda de Frederic Mistral s/n 08304 Mataró, Barcelona
Use: Education
Project date: 1983
Construction start date:Cros 1984, Aigues 1987
Construction end date: Cros 1986, Aigues 1990
Land area: Cros 10.488,07 m², Aigues 8.130 m²
Floor area: Cros 3.326 m²

Authors: Cros, Manuel Brullet Tenas ; Aigues, Manuel Brullet Tenas i Llorenç Campdepadrós i Cebrià
Contributors: Enma Irach I Melia, Montse Garcia, Mariano Sánchez Garcia Del Moral, Jordi Barba Puigpelat, Jaume Valor Montero, Fidela, Frutos Schowel
Surveyors: Joan Rivas
Facilities: Mateu Hernandez, Jesus Alonso, Cast
Structure: Joan Lluís Sanchez Pro
Builder: Cros, Bernal Pareja S.A.; Aigues, Construcciones y Contratas
Photographer: Ferran Freixa

Awards: Finalist, FAD Architecture Awards 1990
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02- Arquitectura i Disseny urbà 1981-1983 Ajuntament de Mataró
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