Project Description


Site: Pineda de Mar, Barcelona
Use: Sports


These two sports facilities are two elements constructed as a part of a larger project for the “Can Xaubet” sports park.

The sports complex building presents its largest facade to the main road, which becomes a tree lined boulevard where it passes through the park. The building was conceived as a compact volume which presides over the park from the highest point of its topography and articulates the shared general entrance to the sports complex and the football pitch. Added to the volume of the sports complex is another, lower and more elongated volume which houses the technical equipment necessary to the functioning of the sports facilities. At the same time, this elongated volume generates a large courtyard which acts as a great outdoor foyer when the sports complex is used as a multipurpose hall.

The mono-pitch treatment of the roof underlines the geometrical clarity of the scheme, and gives rise to a great north-facing glazed opening which provides the interior with a constant and uniform light throughout the day, thus avoiding problems of glare and reflections on the playing surfaces.


Project Name: “Can Xaubet” Sports Centre and Football Pitch
Site: Carretera N-ll, 669-670, 08397, Barcelona
Use: Sports
Project date: 1992
Construction end date: 1996
Property: Pineda de Mar City Council
Land area: 3300 m²
Floor area: 2659 m²

Authors: Manel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors
Surveyors: Josep Maria Santmartín
Facilities: Briz/Fumado (T.C.A.)
Structure: Manuel Arguijo y Asociados S.L.
Builder: Comylsa
Photographer: Eduardo Artmendia i Carolina Garcia
Awards: Selected work and finalist, FAD award of architecture and interiorism 1997
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02- a+t, nº8 1996 pp.74-103
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