Site: Ronda Barceló, Mataró
Use: Residential


The housing project is part of the urban planning, carried out by Brullet De Luna, which structures the urbanistic seafront at Ronda Barceló.

This arrangement proposes a strong consolidation of the Ronda façade, culminating in a housing tower that will become the new reference center of the Mataró coastline.

The houses in Ronda Barceló are the first built within this urban plan. Already from its section which defines a wide porch with shops the implantation of the houses tries to define the future urban promenade that the Ronda Barceló will follow.

The typology seeks spatially generous homes full of light. The internship makes it possible for the dwellings to open up both to the more public environment of the Ronda and to the more secluded interior of the block, and at the same time allows good climate control thanks to cross ventilation.

Project Name:Housing units on the Ronda Barceló, Mataró
Site: Ronda Barceló 59-79 /Avinguda Maresme 143-145, Mataró
Use: Residential
Project date: 2003
Construction end date: February 2008
Property: BRICA S.L.
Land area: 3.418 m²
Floor area: 20.104 m2 , with 96 housing units, 120 parkings spaces and comercial

Authors: Manuel Brullet i Tenas, Alfonso de Luna i Colldefors, Franc Llonch
Contributors: Jaume Pinyol
Surveyors: Xavier Cabezas Udaondo, Josep Maria Sentis Valls
Structure:Pere Castelltort
Builder: Constructora Inmobiliaria S.L.
Photographer: Juny Brullet