Football pitch and changing rooms in Viladecans
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Within the project for a large sports complex in the Torre Roja park, made up of two covered pools and a multi-sports court, as a first stage two football pitches and their installations and changing rooms have been undertaken, which are bordered by a stream and the central entrance avenue to the park.

The project is based on an attentive reading of the site. The services and changing room building is placed on a topographic step with the aim of minimising its presence. The project is ruled by the powerful presence of the mountain on the north side and the attention that must be paid to the sporting activity situated in the south. This duality is resolved by a roof of asymmetric section that opens the building to views of the mountain and projects the view towards the football pitch by means of compressing the section that ends in a large porch.

Taking full advantage of the spatiality of the abovementioned section, the ground floor is positioned: the control of the entrance, the bar and administrative offices. A side ramp or some internal stairs lead to floor -1, where the changing rooms are, achieving a pleasant warmth characterised by the abundance of natural light and the generous use of wood.

The combination of zinc and Deployeémake up the exterior image of the building.

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