Sports Hall in Virrei Amat
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From the start of the project –which includes a sports pavilion and a secondary school– the planning was based on three connected premises: the option of building an enclosed block in accordance with the alignment of the existing streets; the desire to articulate these community service buildings around a small square in the interior of the block, which is crossed by a pedestrian crossing; and thirdly, to construct low buildings in order to provide an appropriate section towards the small square and to compensate horizontally an apartment building of ten storeys in the nearby Plaça de Virrei Amat. This is why the secondary school building –which has less size requirements than the pavilion– was narrowed to close the perimeter of the block that it shares with the pavilion, situated on one of the corners.

Inside, a curved roof truss supports a roof with sound insulation that characterises the playing areas and tones down the entrance of light. The central skylight generates an overhead entry of light that shows the structure of the trusses. The folding curtains, installed in the roof, divide the playing area into three training courts while the transparencies of their upper part show a continuous view of the roof and bring a unitary image to the whole. The entrance hall and the spectators´ area are organised as balconies located above the playing area. See technical specifications.

See technical file