Sports centre and football pitch “Can Xaubet”
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The building is located on the northeast side of the "Can Xaubet" sports park, which was built in stages. The largest façade appears over the main road, which takes the form of a tree-lined avenue when it goes through the park. The building has been conceived as a compact volume, overlooking the park from the highest point of its topography and articulates the general public entrance to the sports centre and football pitch. In addition to the large prismatic volume of the sports centre court, in the south there is a lower and longer construction where the equipment required for the functioning of the playing areas is placed. This lengthened section surpasses the east façade of the building and generates a courtyard that works as a large exterior foyer when the playing area is used for other purposes.

The solution of the roof in a single slope emphasises the geometric clarity of the proposal and creates a large north-facing glazed opening, which will provide a uniform and constant light inside during the day and avoid problems of glare and reflections on the playing areas. The section of the roof defines the interior space, a reverse scaffold solves the existing structure and the overhead lighting is resolved by means of a central skylight. The lowest point of the scaffolding coincides with the side causing a sensation of vertical escape from the space. Access to the sports centre is in the south side of the building, which generates a route from the northeast entrance from the sports park to a raised terrace that serves as the hall to the sports centre and which overlooks the whole football pitch and views to the sea.

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