Sports Centre in Premià de Dalt
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SSituated in a magnificent setting over the mountainous spurs of the Maresme, its form and size are related to the gentle outlines of the local geography.

The sports centre is conceived as a defined and compact volume, placed on the slope, with part of the construction built into it. Located at the western end of the site, it overlooks all the facilities and offers a clear image of the open entrance from the street.

The solution for the roof, of galvanised sheet metal, obeys a curvilinear directix that gives unity to its outline and relates it to the rolling hills surrounding Premià. This directrix is repeated in reverse in the false ceiling of the interior, so that a large window is obtained in the north which lights up the sports centre playing court. In the north part, the land joins up with a paved inclined plane over which appear three large skylights that light up the changing rooms of the basement floor.

The level of the public entrance from the street is maintained crossing the building transversely, until reaching the rows of seats that become a large projecting viewpoint with views of the landscape and sea. The intense light from the south is controlled by juxtaposing a low body that contains the seats and the main entrance for spectators. The existing trees (carobs, almonds, olives) are conserved and incorporate the planned urbanisation. Outside, the concrete of the open structure, the brick walls and the glass in the northern windows make up the façades.

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