Covered pool in Granollers
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Within the Municipal Sports Park of Granollers, next to two swimming pools and a gymnasium, a covered pool had to be built, commissioned by the city council. The project reorganises the circulation of the whole park and suggests a key change to the main access of the whole complex, which is now via the abovementioned park surrounding the facilities. A covered hall, at a tangent to the new pool, provides access to and orders the communications of the whole precinct.

The new pool does not form a single block with the already existing constructions in order to avoid an excessively voluminous building. Juxtaposition is preferred between the old and the new building, which results in a kinder whole at a volumetric level, integrated into the park and the outdoor pools. The covered pool faces south longitudinally, in order to obtain optimum lighting and decreasing to the maximum the energy costs of environmental air-conditioning. The curved roof of the pool inclines south to north to facilitate this large western-facing window.

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