Elisabeth School
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The school programme includes the whole educational cycle, from infant school, through to primary and secondary school. The general approach of the project is based on desire to establish a close relationship between all the pedagogic groups of the school, adapting personalised spaces for each one of them, yet facilitating exchanges.

The idea of organising the whole complex comes from the desire to structure the school as a “small city”, with its centre, streets, facilities and green zones. In the “agora”, the centre of the school, we find the main entrance, the library, the gymnasium, the main hall, the dining rooms, the offices and the head teacher’s office. From this square with porches, towards the left we enter the primary and infant area, and to the right we come to the secondary area.

There is a clear desire for the school to touch the ground and for all the conventional classrooms to have their natural extension in the garden classes. Through different pavilions and exterior spaces, which are closely related, the whole school is gradually structured. Nearly all the programme of the school is undertaken on the ground floor, except for the secondary zone which has a pavilion with three levels.

With the work in an advanced stage the constructive programme has been extended with the need to cover an outdoor sports centre measuring 40 x 20 metres. From the point of view of the general consolidation plan, the project makes a commitment to generosity, extending the ground floor a great deal and, in contrast, has opted for simple and economical construction materials and techniques in order to reduce costs.

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